When Can Babies Swim in A Pool?

Healthy Swimming Practices for People and Pets: A Complete Guide

If you want to bond with your newborn baby, why don’t you head to the swimming pool for a “dip together moment”? But first thing you’ll want to know- is it safe for my little baby? Swimming has several benefits and is an excellent activity for mother and child. Most “swimmer” parents love to take […]

What Is An Infinity Swimming Pool?

What is an infinity swimming pool

Imagine a swimming pool where the water flows over one or more edges, giving the illusion of a vanishing edge, merging with the horizon or adjoining waterscape. This design, often known as an infinity pool, creates a stunning visual effect of water without bounds, stretching out to meet the sky. The beauty of an infinity […]

Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Swim in a Chlorinated Pool?

Eco-Friendly Pool Maintenance: Strategies to Decrease Environmental Impact

Swimming offers a refreshing escape from the summer heat and serves as an excellent form of exercise. For pregnant women, who may find physical activity increasingly challenging due to added weight and changing body shape, swimming emerges as a gentle yet effective way to maintain fitness. The buoyancy of water provides much-needed relief, making it […]

How Long Should You Wait to Swim After Shocking Your Pool?


Is your pool calling you after a long winter’s rest, tempting you for a swim? Hold off for just a bit to ensure it’s properly cleaned. If it’s been a while since your last pool maintenance check, it’s crucial to have a full cleaning done to prevent any health risks to your family. Regular usage […]