Can You Swim In A Pool On Your Period?

Can You Swim In A Pool On Your Period?

Hot, sunny skies make us long to slice through the cool waters of our sparkling swimming pool. You may have planned a pool party with your friends, but when you change into your swimwear, you notice your “period signs.” Can you swim in a pool on your period? is the first question that comes to mind!

The biggest fear a woman faces is period blood showing up on her swimsuit. For many women, the natural water pressure in the swimming pool prevents period flow, but it does not hold for many. You can’t stop it, but while you are constantly moving in the water, the abdominal muscles naturally feel pressure, leading to some leakage.

Many women lose heart and lose their zeal for summer water fun. Many of them claim it’s an “embarrassing time” and refuse to enter the water, staying on the pool deck after cancelling their swimming plans. But it’s a myth!

Whatever time of the month, you can swim whenever you want. There is no need to cancel any plans, and you can enjoy taking a dip in your pool even if you have your period. There are a few misconceptions and common things to keep in mind before you do that:

1) Avoid the embarrassment of a “leak”:

Many insist on staying away from the pool to protect other swimmers from entering contaminated waters. But, the pool certainly does not get contaminated with menstrual blood if it is not released into the water. Use a menstrual cup or tampon to prevent the period blood from leaking into the water. A menstrual cup keeps you protected for almost 10 hours.

2) It’s going to be a messy affair:

Wrong! You can swim even if you’re on your period. Catch the blood flow well in time with the most sensible “period flow collecting or arresting” options! Don’t forget life doesn’t stop when you’re on your period. Many women are swimming and participating in water sports activities during their periods. Women have entered swimming competitions and big water races at these times of the month. If it wasn’t messy for them, why would it be for you?

3) Swimming pools are already contaminated with small amounts of blood from the body:

You must have noticed plenty of people baking their bodies for that tan before they hit the waters. They climb into the swimming pool the moment they get off the lounger. Did they wipe off their sweaty body before entering the pool? Urine and sweat often contaminate the water in negligible quantities, naturally purified by the sparkling clean chemically-treated water. Similarly, if an insignificant amount of blood escapes into the huge pool, the chlorine in the water takes care of it. This is why pools are regularly cleaned with chlorine and other chemicals.

4) Is the water contaminated and infectious?

No! No more than the infection quotient of the urine and sweat! Even if a miniscule amount of blood comes out, firstly, you wouldn’t be able to see it, and secondly, it is diluted by the water and purified by the filtration and Chlorination process. However, it is imperative to use adequate period protection to control the flow of blood. The water chemistry is balanced so that there is no chance of a spread of disease. You do not endanger the health of your loved ones if you are lying back, enjoying a therapeutic swim in your swimming pool.

5) It is unhygienic!

Who said that? As long as you wear a menstrual cup or leak-proof tampon while swimming, you will be fine. Don’t forget that pool services are doing what is needed. They regularly clean the pool and maintain the equipment so that there is proper filtration and the waters are kept chlorinated. Chlorination ensures the sanitation of water.

6) Hydrostatic pressure to the rescue:

The water pressure stops the blood flow temporarily while you are swimming. But, if you sneeze, laugh, cough, or move around in the water, the pressure alters, and an insignificant amount of blood may be released. The blood flow may resume only when you step out of the water. Thus, swimming with a menstrual cup or a tampon is a great idea to enjoy your pool party.

Now, there is a warning for you here:
Do not wear a panty liner or a pad when you enter the pool. Pads are designed to absorb liquid, and if you’re wearing it, when you enter the water, it sucks in the water around along with your period blood. In some freak cases, filter clogging has been reported with pads. However, some experts can deal with all eventualities and provide excellent pool repair in Palm Beach Gardens.

The solution is menstrual cups, a long-lasting alternative that adds extra protection and makes swimming easy. However, swimming during periods is entirely your decision! It may seem a tad yucky to some, so make your decision and set the “pool rules” accordingly. Contact us at Finns Pool Services for pool repairs, cleaning, maintenance, pool acid wash, and pool chemical balancing for pool hygiene.

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