Can You Pour Bleach in A Swimming Pool?

Can You Pour Bleach in A Swimming Pool?

Swimming in the pool sounds like heaven on a hot summer day, but the pool comes with responsibilities. The waters can be unsafe for swimming if they are not chemically balanced and cleaned. To achieve this, it’s essential to shock the pool regularly. But can you pour bleach in a swimming pool to shock it?

Are the pool waters hazy and cloudy? Your swimming pool needs a serious deep clean. If you cannot contact your pool cleaning company, can you pick up bleach powder or bleach liquid and add it to the pool to clean it? These are debatable questions because the pool can be contaminated if any mistake occurs in the chlorination process. Though pool chlorination is left to professionals, some people use bleach in their pools. However, according to the formulation, you must use less bleach to shock and treat the pool.

Bleach can irritate the skin and eyes, and too little of the chemical will not kill germs. Swimming pools need many chemicals to keep them safe and clean, but many people are dead-against using bleach in their pools. “Not a drop inside our pools,” they exclaim!

On the other hand, many use bleach to save money because it is cheaper than chlorine tabs. Also, bleach is accessible and easier to pick off the shelf and spread over the pool. Chlorine tabs can kill many more germs than bleach, so they are clearly a better option.

Bleach is safe and can be used in “permissible quantities” inside the water for chemical balancing in an emergency. If the pool is used daily, fewer chemicals for cleaning are better unless you use the eco-friendly variety. It’s okay to use chlorine in the pool, but bleach is another story.

Bleach is liquid chlorine in a lesser concentration. Both chlorine and bleach contain sodium hypochlorite that changes into HOCL with water. This sanitizes the pool as a substitute for chlorine, though you never know how much is right! Administer bleach in specific concentrations because if it’s too low, you can’t sanitize surfaces or the pool waters, and if it’s on the higher side, it is harmful and harsh for the skin. And please keep the bottle away from kids to avoid any mishaps!

While you deal with the chemical balancing of your swimming pool, you also have to address other functional problems related to adding new features, design, style, and shape. A reliable pool remodeling company can help you enjoy the time in the pool after disinfecting, sanitizing and remodeling your pool to your specifications.

We list a few reasons why you need to hire a professional to chlorinate the swimming pool waters instead of disinfecting the pool with bleach on your own:
1. Bleach has a much lower active chlorine concentration than the amount needed by the pool. You need a lot of bleach to disinfect the pool. Using fast chlorine or chlorine tabs will be a better solution.

2. If the bleach is stored, its active status and concentration weaken, affecting the disinfection capacity. Random quantities are not right because they can also be hazardous.

3. When bleach is added to the swimming pool, it increases the pool’s pH levels. These levels must be rebalanced with eco-friendly chemicals to keep the pool safe for the family. Reliable and efficient pool services offer excellent pool acid wash and phosphate treatments to keep the pool waters safe for swimming.

4. Bleach is an unstable compound that quickly degrades under the sun’s rays. Thus, it becomes imperative to use more chemicals and treatments to balance the water. This is certainly not good for health and can be economically draining too.

5. If the bleach dosage exceeds the recommended quantity, it irritates the individual’s skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Studies state that bleach may have the same composition as chlorine, but its high toxic content can harm swimmers.

6. Bleach augments limescale deposits in the swimming pool. This greyish powdery deposit can disturb and ruin the pool equipment and scaling. The pool waters can become cloudy and look dirty and grey whenever the water is stirred. It’s tough to clean deposit marks, so opt for a professional team offering services and get your pool shocked with the recommended amount of chlorine. This is an economical, efficient, and safe method of shocking the pool.

It’s common for every homeowner to think that using household bleach will do the job because it is cheap. But will it be safe if you can’t add gallons of bleach to the water? The base chemical may be the same, but pool chlorine also contains a stabilizer. Sun rays split the bleach and weaken it. A stabilizer helps to a certain extent and keeps it together, but exposure to direct sunlight negatively affects chlorine.

Pool chlorine comes in the form of tablets or powder, but it is the pool service providers who eliminate all pool-related complications with the perfect chlorine for your pool. Finn’s Pool Services can deal with all these things. Contact us for reliable pool-related services and pool remodeling in West Palm Beach.

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