How Much Does Pool Maintenance Cost?

How Much Does Pool Maintenance Cost?

Swimming pools can be a great way to unwind and have fun in the outdoors, but purchasing one comes with its costs. If you are thinking of building a pool for the first time, it is important to know some expenses related to maintaining your swimming space. In this blog, we will discuss annual services and maintenance bills, cleaning services, and general ownership expenses along with basic pool upkeep. Knowing pool maintenance costs leads to the best year-round pool experience.

Pool service costs vary based on location, size, and the services needed, but on average, monthly maintenance can range from between $80 to $150. Additional repairs or specialized services may incur extra charges.

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Pool Service & Maintenance Costs Breakdown

Yearly Pool Upkeep Expenses

Routine maintenance costs of the pool can range from $1,200 to 2,160 annually. Additional charges in most states also include winterizing and opening services, which cost somewhere around $300 to $500. Fortunately, it is warm enough here so we don’t close our pools in Florida.

Average Pool Cleaning Services Prices

Pool Cleaning cost can be $100 to $300 a month based on other variables with regard to how many times, dimensions, and circumstances of the pool, vegetation life around it, or water run from the rain.

Owning A Swimming Pool

Apart from the maintenance costs, owning a pool means spending $50,000 on Annual running costs, encompassing energy bills and water charges ranging from $500 to $2,000.


Pool Characteristics And Maintenance

There are many factors that affect pool maintenance expenses include pool size, type, and material interactions. Overall pool’s annual maintenance costs range from $1,500 to $2,500 on average. Large pools need more attention compared to smaller ones because of brushing times and chemical quatities.  

Pool Size:

  • Small pools (up to 20,000 gallons) Lower maintenance costs.
  • Medium pools (20,000 – 40,000 gallons) Moderate costs.
  • Large pools (over 40,000 gallons) Higher maintenance expenses.

 Pool Type:

  1. In-ground pools: Higher installation, but potential long-term savings.
  2. Above-ground pools: Lower initial costs, simpler maintenance.

Pool Material:

If the pool material is Vinyl-lined, its repair costs are lower and it is easier to replace. If the pool is made of concrete, it tends to be more durable, but repairs can be more expensive. For pools made of fiberglass, maintenance is generally lower and they typically have fewer repair issues.


Types Of Pool  Services And Its Costs

Common Pool Repair Costs

There are different pool repair costs:

  1. Liner replacement: $1,500 to $3,500.
  2. Pump repair or replacement: $250 to $800.
  3. Filter repairs: $100 to $500.
  4. Heater repairs: $100 to $500.
  5. Tile repair or replacement: $300 to $1,500.

1. Regular Cleaning:

The cost of regular pool service like skimming debris, vacuuming, and brushing pool walls usually averages between $50 – $100 per visit.

2. Chemical Balancing:

Pool chemical balancing involves monitoring chlorine levels, adjusting pH, and managing other chemicals. This service is offered at regular prices per visit.

3. Equipment Maintenance:

There is also inspecting and servicing pool pumps, filters, and heaters, which costs $300 – $600 annually.

4. Deep Cleaning: 

A deep pool cleaning thoroughly cleans your pool’s surface, including tiles and grout, ensuring a sparkling finish. This special service is priced between $200 and $500, offering a refreshed look for your pool.

5. Opening And Closing Services:

Opening and closing services (not applicable here in Florida) include removing covers, starting equipment, initial balancing, winterizing equipment and covering the pool. These services cost $300 – $800 per service.

6. Leak Detection And Repair:

In pool maintenance, identifying and fixing leaks in the pool structure costs $200 – $1,000 depending on the severity.


7. Pool Salt Cell Cleaning:

In pool cleaning services and salt chlorinator cells, you can expect to pay $75 – $150 per session.

8. Pool Algae Treatment:

Applying algaecide and scrubbing to eliminate algae costs $100 – $300 per treatment.

9. Pool Filter Replacement:

Changing sand, cartridges, or DE (Diatomaceous Earth) in the filter costs $200 – $800.

10. Winterizing:

Draining water to below the skimmer, protecting pipes from freezing costs  $150 – $300.

11. Emergency Pool Repairs:

If you need quick fixes for unexpected issues which costs vary based on the repair needed.

12. Pressure Washing:

Cleaning the pool deck and surrounding areas costs $100 – $300 per session.

13. Pool Inspection:

Thorough examination for potential issues which costs $150 – $400.

14. Solar Cover Installation:

If you want to place or remove a solar cover for temperature control, you have to pay $50 – $100.

15. Lighting Maintenance:

Checking and replacing pool lights costs $75 – $200 per bulb.

How Much Does Pool Service Cost

Benefits Of Pool Service & Maintenance

Staying proactive with pool maintenance brings numerous benefits. Regular upkeep not only extends the lifespan of pool components but also ensures safe and clean swimming conditions. Well-maintained equipment operates more efficiently, leading to lower operational costs. By routinely checking and maintaining your pool, you can significantly reduce overall expenses.


Having a swimming pool at home is undoubtedly enjoyable and relaxing, especially with diligent maintenance. Being aware of the associated costs in advance ensures that your pool remains a delightful and affordable feature of your home. This holds true whether you choose to handle maintenance yourself or opt for professional services.

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