How Do You Keep Wasps Away From A Swimming Pool?

How Do You Keep Wasps Away From A Swimming Pool?

Is your pool water infested with floating yellow-striped wasps? These pests can be very irritating and dirty the water. It’s common to see summer insects and pests gather in large numbers near spas and swimming pools.

People generally focus on pool cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens to keep their pools clean, but managing wasp infestations is often overlooked. During the sweltering summer months, wasps, like us, seek relief from the heat. They are frequently drawn to swimming pools for a refreshing dip and to gather water, which they bring back to their hives to hydrate their young. Water’s allure is irresistible to them.

Moreover, the robust odors from pool cleaning chemicals, coupled with the vibrant colors and fragrances of nearby patio plants and poolside furnishings, can either deter or attract these yellow insects in large numbers. What steps can you take to minimize their presence?

1. Bee-friendly flowers and plants around the pool can invite bees with their bright colours and attractive smell. Wasps are very attracted to purple, white, blue, and yellow colours but do not like red. Raspberry bushes, fennel, sunflowers, marigolds, goldenrods, etc are wasp favorites. Why don’t you replant these plants away from the pool and carry on your water activities in peace?

2. Certain plants, such as wormwood, eucalyptus, etc, can repel wasps and deter them from hovering near the pool. In fact, many of these repel wasps and mosquitoes.

3. Remove food containers and food sources that attract wasps. Wasps are pulled instantly towards sugary drinks and leftovers. Ensure food, drinks and sweet substances are packed away from the eyes, and all kinds of spills are cleaned instantly. People often eat food near the pool and drop snacks and drinks in and around the pool. No food or garbage cans should be left exposed to prevent wasps from collecting.

4. Commercial wasp traps lure the wasps into a trap, and they get trapped without a chance of escape. The traps can be placed near the pool areas so that the wasps do not get an opportunity to collect on the water surface and the surrounding pool area.

5. Build another alternative water source and take the wasps in the opposite direction, away from the pool waters. For this, you can construct an attractive fountain or bird bath, near the plants. Wasps are more attracted to murky waters, so keep your pools clean and clear.

6. If you spot a wasp nest near your pool, it’s important to handle the situation safely by contacting professional pest control services. They can expertly relocate the nest, reducing the risk of painful stings and ensuring that wasps are kept away from the pool area. Additionally, regularly inspect the surrounding areas for any new nests to ensure they are dealt with promptly.

7. Wasps also get deterred by the citronella smell, so use strong and pungent citronella oil to keep the wasps at a distance.

8. Wasps feel repulsed by the smell of lemongrass and mint. These herbs are pleasant to smell but not on the favorite list of the bees. Plant these herbs near the pool and enjoy the pleasing fragrance as the wasps stay away from it.

9. Pool services take care of pool water chemistry balancing and maintain the chlorine levels in the water. But wasps are fond of chlorinated water in the swimming pool, and in the same way, they are attracted to the smell of diesel. Place a small bowl full of diesel in a safe area near the swimming pool so that the wasps can gravitate towards it and stay away from the pool. The container has to be placed safely away from children because it contains a combustible product that can catch fire.

10. The pungent smell of the acid used during pool acid wash service keeps the wasps at a distance for some time and also helps get rid of the stubborn water stains.

Whether it is pool resurfacing or getting rid of the wasps, getting professional help is a sensible way out! If the wasps are troubling you immensely, then it’s better to hire a pest control expert and get a specialized solution, such as spreading dryer sheets around the pool to get rid of the wasp menace. Also, keep the pool clean of debris and dead insects. You have to find a way out and reduce the presence of wasps so that your swimming pool sessions are enjoyable.

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